Here Are 4 Types of Third-Party Logistics Provider in The USA

Are you an entrepreneur in the USA who is looking for efficient ways to better your business? If yes, 3pl providers are your solutions. You cannot choose to use 3pl without an idea of what it is and how it will benefit your company. A 3pl provider is a company that provides logistics services to your business to make it successful. Implementing this provider in your business could be a good idea as it will reduce your costs and save more time. With 3pl you will not require to add space for your business. It can scale your warehouse.  Hence, you will save money. Also, you don’t need to employ more staffs as this provider has experts who will professionally perform the tasks thus reducing risks.

3pl will enable you to focus on your business as they will assure you of an increase in sale in your company. As you know, if a business performs well, the owner gets motivations to work harder to take the business to another level. Before you chose a 3pl provider, you need to understand more about your business to know whether the provider aligns with your expectations. Here are 4 types of third-party logistics provider in the USA:

Standard 3pl Providers

Standard 3pl providers

This type of provider specializes only in specific logistics. They perform an essential task in ensuring that they deliver the right products on time and store them in a place where you want them to be. Also, they will help you in distributing the products to different locations. With this, you will be sure to increase your sale as experts are the ones performing the task. Having 3pl providers to market your products, you will get to reach global customers who will buy at a higher price.

Customer adapter 3pl

Customer adapter could be the best for your company if you want a provider that will take full control of your company’s activities. They will take care of all activities in your company in a right way according to your request. Customer adapter does a great job in helping you reach a massive number of customers. They achieve this by inheriting the logistics operations of your company, but they do not change the business own operation.

Hiring these providers can cost more dollars because of substantial involvement in its function. However, they will assure you to get a massive profit from the sales.

Customer adapter 3pl

Service developer 3pl

If you are searching for a provider which will offer security in your company, service developer 3pl could be the best choice. They help you manage your business and supports in IT infrastructure. Due to their expertise in selling and marketing, they provide your clients with high-quality services such as packing and a unique security system. Service developer 3pl has knowledge that enables them to ensure the safety and reliability of your products. With this, you will be sure that no losses will occur as experts are the one taking care of your company.

Customer adapter 3pl

Unlike the customer adapter 3pl, customer developer 3pl will not only inherit the logistics operation but also adapt their systems and process. They take complete control of the company and integrate themselves into it and develop new logistics solutions.

Service Developer 3pl


As you can see, the needs of your business will determine the type of 3pl provider to choose. These providers perform different tasks right form manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and distribution. You, therefore, need to analyze your business to know what you need for it to be successful. With this, it will be easier to choose the best developer that aligns with your business needs.


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