Doing B2B business? Things to Know as a B2B Retailer!

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With arrival of technology, b2b businesses have strengthened the new heights. Use of digital trading features and branding has transcended the old methods to get in touch with more buyers or sellers. With so many top b2b platforms, it has become easier to grow b2b business and reach to clients, locally or internationally.

What are the best b2b wholesale platforms?

A single bad experience can profoundly impact your brand image. This is because customers are quick to judge, they want easy-to-use efficient online service or they will likely go elsewhere. Most of retailers are selling wholesale, whether they know it or not.

Being a wholesale retailer, the utmost feature you need is specific pricing for each buyer. Another one is going-global, which means any buyer from different destination can place you orders. Third is to achieve consistent branding. How the brand communicates with their target audience in store, over the phone and via online store? Does it match with the encompassing brand’s core values and its personality?

So, make sure you don’t finalize your decision on any other b2b ecommerce platform, instead search top b2b platforms and perform b2b ecommerce platforms comparison before you pick the one. Shopify Plus, Magento and BigCommerce are really great for doing online b2b business.

Why Wholesale Automation?

Fact is, people are not happy with traditional wholesale experience. Consumer of today wants everything at its fingertips. Even a good customer service is not good enough; rather buyers want a detailed data on product availability, product reviews and pricing. Retailers need to mull-over the ways that can add value to consumer. Offering automation and personalization technologies to wholesale clients will do the job effectively.

Make Changes out of Fear

It is understandable that with so much transactions involved, you fear of losing your valuable business. This is why many retailers still opt for old-school methods like PDF catalogues, phone calls and spreadsheets. This particular challenge can be overcome by providing case studies of those brands that successfully capitalized on b2b ecommerce by using platforms like Shopify b2b, Magento and others. Some retailers still become skeptical about scalability of Shopify, yet happily there are heaps of examples of large brands using Shopify b2b platform.


End goal should be always to select the most simple and efficient b2b wholesale platform for your business as well as your customers.

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