Elements of a Customized B2B Experience

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Back when E-commerce was still new, the type of interfaces and experiences delivered were quite subpar. While at that time, they were considered to deliver great convenience, the same does not hold true for them now.

Now, merely having an E-commerce platform is not enough. Instead, you must deliver a platform which is customized to your customer needs. This also holds true for a b2b wholesale platform.

What is b2b platform?

Generally, you hear E-commerce platforms in relation to b2c companies. However, a major chunk of E-commerce is b2b. You might have even heard of some of the top b2b platforms. Top b2b platform examples include Shopify b2b, Magneto, and Opencart.

A b2b platform is the same as a b2c platform. It provides an online forum for transactions to occur. But, this is where the similarities end. While b2c E-commerce platforms deliver consistent prices, a quality b2b platform offers dynamic pricing. Make sure to look for this feature when conducting a b2b E-commerce platform comparison.

Why customize it?

B2b platforms need to be customized much more than b2c platforms. This is because b2b customers are quite different from b2c customers. They wish for self-service that allows them to save time. Remember, b2b customers, are businesses themselves and are always pressed on time.

So, the more customized and easy to understand a given platform is, the more customers will be attracted towards it. At the end of the day, a consistent revenue stream is sought by all businesses. And this is what customizing your E-commerce platform allows you to have.

Elements of customization

Here are some of the essential things you need to include in your Ecommerce platform in an effort to customize it.

Purchase history

Keeping in mind the need for quick service, a purchase history option should be available to each of your customers. This allows them to see what they purchased last time and if the need is, reorder the same thing.

Dynamic pricing

As mentioned before, dynamic pricing (based on business-customer relationship, discounts, and negotiations) should be offered. Try to be as flexible as possible. However, make sure that the correct prices are reflected the correct customers.

Advanced search

The more specific the search can be, the less your clients will have to peruse through products they don’t need. Don’t just deliver a search bar. Instead, allow them to filter their searches based on different categories and requirements.


Customize your b2b platform. Bring convenience to your customers.

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