Three Reasons Why B2B Platforms Fail at Content and Social Media Marketing

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The internet allowed the B2B marketing world to advance entirely.  Modern technologies brought in so many novelties which are at times hard to grasp and implement, especially for B2B companies. 88% of marketers in North America used content marketing back in 2016, but only 30% succeeded. Embracing the changes and new possibilities is vital if you want to succeed in content and social media marketing. That said, here are some of the reasons why your B2B platform might not be getting positive results.

Publishing poor content on your b2b platform

Quality content is one which is interesting and informative to the readers. This is pretty challenging to achieve, especially when it involves coming up with promotional material for specific products. Boring content will in one way or another discourage your targeted audience from using your b2b platform, and this will have a ripple effect on your entire business establishment.


Imagination is key to creating interesting and engaging content. For you to outdo your competitors, you must come up with unique content which you will use to woo different clients. You can include images and videos to spice up your content since such options usually attract more attention.

Failing to be consistent

Consistency makes your clients loyal to your brand. By keeping them engaged and informed on your B2B platform’s growth, new offers and just latest happenings, you will be able to make your targeted audience feel they are part of you and in the process win their loyalty. Indeed, this might take some time and might require a lot of work but when you think of it, is it not worth the effort?

Marketing without a clear plan

Having a goal is crucial since it gives you something to strive for. The same goes for marketing; you need to have a clear idea before you commence. According to analysts, the success of any B2B content marketing effort will increase by 50% if it revolves around a clearly laid down strategy. While strategies are individual and differ from one company to another, you can easily go for some of the basic points which are generally used by both big and small companies.

For starters, develop a statement which describes your short and long-term goals. Then, analyze your audience and find out what they love in any B2B e-commerce platform. Lastly, identify the right platform which you can use to link up with your targeted audience directly and use it.

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